Jaguar Powered Drag Racing '99
UK Jaguar Specialist
V12 Might verses 3.6 XJ40 Agility Please click on a item to view the corresponding image.
4.0 Super Charged X300 Verses Aston Martin DB7 Please note that it might take a few seconds to load.
Old Verse New D Type takes on An XJR 6
Our Friend James Tries His 4.2 Against a D Type
Jag Kit Car verses Cougar kit car
Wobble Off The Line
Paranoia Off The Line
Wobble v Paranoia..Paranoia Leaves the Line First
Jag Kit Car
V8 Daimler Drag Engine
Robin Reed's V8 Dragster Warms up
XJS versus DB7
V12 might Verses 3.6 Agility
V12 Verses Rover SDI
V12 XJS verses V12 E Type
Robin Reed's V8 Dragster Off The Line